NLP Tip – Preparing For Interviews And Other Stressful Events

A while ago one of my friends was preparing for an important interview and asked me for help as she felt a bit nervous. This is what I came up with:

Imagine that you are surrounded by an ‘inner circle’ of the people who love you. See them – hear their voices – they are close enough to reach out and touch.

Around them is an ‘outer circle’ of people who value, like and respect you – friends, colleagues, whatever. Again, see them, hear their voices, and they are close enough to reach through or over
the inner circle and give you a reassuring pat on the back or shoulder.

Now, how do you feel about that interview or presentation? If you’ve got the right people in your circles, it should be a lot better. The more vividly you imagine the people around you (through all the senses –
seeing, hearing, feeling) the better it will work. Do this again just before you go in to the interview.

My friend got the job!

You could use this technique to get yourself into the right frame of mind for any ‘scary’ upcoming event – presentations, speeches, appraisals….

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