Emotional States And Persuasion: Practical NLP Podcast 65

Unlocked mind imageThis week on the Practical NLP Podcast, the most important thing you need to know about changing people’s minds – something that many of those ‘Influence with NLP’ and ‘Get anyone to do anything you want’ courses out there don’t tell you.

It’s this: the state that your audience are in is going to have more bearing on the outcome of your meeting or presentation than any fancy language patterns or persuasion tricks you may have up your sleeve. So, here are some practical ways to pick your audiences and to help them get into a state that is more open to what you have to say.

A hat tip for some of the ideas in this episode goes to Seth Godin and his article ‘I changed my mind yesterday‘.

This earlier article of mine is more or less the show notes for this episode, as it covers similar material.

Duration: 5m 54s

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