Eliciting Your Timeline: Practical NLP Podcast 75

Timeline podcast

We use spatial, linear metaphors to think about time (e.g. time is like a road, or like a river) without even thinking about it. How your unconscious mind represents time has a big effect on how you experience life – and that’s what this week’s podcast is about.


  • How to elicit the timeline
  • “In Time” and “Through Time”, and their effects on how you think and behave
  • Why time management courses often don’t stick

… and much more!


If you’re currently studying or on a training course, this guided visualization MP3 is for you!

Originally developed as part of the forthcoming NLP Practitioner home study pack, it’s designed to help you review and integrate everything you’ve learned on any course or training that you’re undertaking.

Find out more and download Using Your Timeline For Learning And Review here


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Duration: 08m 51s

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