The Disney Strategy For Creativity: Practical NLP Podcast 51

Walt DisneyThis week’s episode features a format you can use to get lots of viable creative ideas from even the most unpromising groups, or that you can use to generate ideas yourself even if you don’t regard yourself as ‘creative’ – it’s the ‘Disney Strategy for Creativity’, modelled and developed by Robert Dilts.

00.40: How I helped people from the world’s least creative professions to generate great ideas!
02.18: The three stages of the Disney Strategy
02:40: Detailed guide to each stage
03:20: A tip from NLP to get yourself into a more creative state
05:19: Some different ways of working with the format


09:09 I talk about the episode of Robyn Stratton-Berkessel’s ‘Positivity Strategist’ podcast where she interviews me about the links between NLP and Appreciative Inquiry – listen to the interview here
And finally (and entirely unrelated and nothing to do with NLP) –
09:55: Why you need to know about the new EU VAT regulations if you supply digital goods like ebooks, audio downloads or online courses, especially if you’re not VAT registered! More details at

Disney Strategy for Creativity

The format for the Disney Strategy is described here – the blog post is pretty much a transcript for most of the episode.

Duration: 11m37s

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