A couple of special offers, one of them free…

Andy Smith NLP InterviewI don’t want to make a habit of this, but here’s a couple of special offers for Practical NLP Podcast listeners – and one of them’s free!.

The first is me being interviewed by success coach Deb Johnstone about how to apply NLP principles for more success in your life and business. You can only get this interview by signing up at http://bit.ly/bbgb-andy – and you also get interviews with 20 other experts, including my good friend Gavin Ingham who I’ve mentioned a couple of times on the podcast, around the general topic of getting more done with less stress.

The second is a training course coming up soon in London with Michael Perez. If you are a therapist or hypnotherapist and you want to go a bit beyond NLP to incorporate the latest findings in neuroscience into your toolkit, Michael is your guy!

The course is called ‘The Neuron Code’ and it’s in London on October 13-15 and and 20-22. Yes, this coming week, so get a move on!

Colleagues of mine whose opinions I respect have been on this course and come back raving about it. Plus, if you mention my name when you book, you’ll get a whole £100 off.

Go to http://neuroncode.com to get everything you need to know!

That’s it, have a great week!



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