How To Clear Anxiety Using Your Timeline: Practical NLP Podcast 77

Practical NLP Podcast clearing anxietyThis week, the end of an era as we come to the end of the ‘scripted’ Practical NLP Podcast episodes. From next episode we’ll be switching to a longer format where I interview thought leaders and practitioners applying NLP in original ways to solve real-world problems.

So, a short and sweet episode in two parts. I show you a process you can use on the timeline to clear anxiety about an upcoming event. And for those of you who have been following the podcast since its early days (or who have bought and listened to the back episodes), I guide you through planning what you will use your NLP knowledge for in the future.

Clearing Anxiety Process

(Note: this is worded as you would say it to a client)

  1. “Float up above the timeline and into the future to 15 minutes after the successful completion of the event about which you thought you were anxious. Tell me when you’re there.”
  1. “Good. Turn and look back towards now.”
  1. “Now, where’s the anxiety?”
  1. “Come back to now, only as quickly as you learn what you need to learn from all of the actions you took took to prepare for the successful completion of that event.”
  1. Test by thinking about the future event. “Where is that anxiety now? Try to feel it – what happens?”

This process works even better if unresolved fear has been cleared from the past timeline, but you should still notice a significant reduction in anxiety.

This episode also mentions the SYDER model for well-formed outcomes, which you can find in the show notes for episode 73.

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