Chunking Down On The Buying Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 49

Practical NLP Podcast buying strategiesDo you work in sales? Or, do you ever buy things?

This week’s podcast looks in detail at our buying strategies. These can be ‘chunked down’ into four elements – motivation, decision, convincer and reassurance strategies. In particular, we consider some typical problems in decision strategies, and how convincer strategies work. (For motivation strategies and how to fix some typical problems with those, listen to Episode 48).

01:02 – Components of the buying strategy
01:44 – Typical problems in decision strategies
02:18 – Why missing a rep system in your strategy could make you fat
04:00 – Why emotions are essential to decision-making
04:44 – How to find out your customer’s convincer strategy
07:10 – What research tells us about ‘winning streaks’

Here’s the TOTE Model (Test, Operate, Test, Exit) for reference:

Duration: 09m07s

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