Useful Metaprograms In Business: Proactive/Reactive

(also known as ‘Action Filter’ or ‘Motivation Level’) Do you take the initiative and leap into action, or do you prefer to analyse and wait for others? ‘Proactive’ people are self-starters, and do not wait for others before they act. They are focused on achieving results and may upset others in their willingness to get […]

Useful Metaprograms In Business: General/Specific

(also known as ‘Chunk Size Filter’, ‘Scope’, or ‘Big Picture/Details’) What level or chunk size of information are you comfortable with – the big picture or the details? This metaprogram is about which levels of the ‘Hierarchy of Ideas‘ a person is comfortable operating with. A person at the ‘General’ end of the spectrum will […]

Useful Metaprograms In Business: Towards/Away From

(also known as ‘Direction Filter’ or ‘Motivation Direction’) Are you motivated towards goals, targets and what you desire, or away from problems and difficulties? Extreme ‘Towards’ people will be gung-ho, and will overlook potential problems that can trip them up – think ‘invasion of Iraq’ or stock market booms. People who are very ‘Away-From’ will […]

Five Reasons You Need To Know About Metaprograms

Plus a word about how you can detect them in people, and why they’ve traditionally been regarded as ‘advanced’ NLP even though they’re easy to learn Five Reasons You Need To Know About Metaprograms Achieving rapport: metaprograms are another thing you can match to help people feel at ease with you, along with the more […]

Introduction To Metaprograms

‘Metaprograms’ (sometimes written as ‘meta programs’, ‘meta-programs’ or ‘metaprogrammes‘) is the NLP term for the content-free filters that we apply to the information we receive about the world around us, and our internal experience, determining which aspects we focus on. They run ‘in the background’, so we are  usually not consciously aware of them. They […]

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