An Exercise To Train Objective Observation

Here’s an exercise that I got from my colleague Elar Killumets’ ‘Clear Leadership’ course, modified slightly to introduce NLP distinctions. It would work extremely well early in an NLP Practitioner course or in an NLP practice group. Timing: 10 minutes altogether (can be longer, depending on the examples that come up and how you choose […]

NLP: How to Identify Primary Representational Systems from the Words People Use

This article follows ‘A Quick Introduction to Representational Systems‘, ‘Do you have a preferred representational system?‘, and ‘Characteristics of Primary Rep Systems‘ so read those first if you’re not familiar with the concept of rep systems in NLP. The representational systems we are using to think with at any given moment show up in the […]

Training and presentation tips: which way is your audience’s future?

Observe anyone talking for a while and you will probably notice that when they talk about an event in the past, they gesture in a particular direction, and when they talk about the future, they gesture in another direction. Usually this will be to their left for the past, and their right for the future. […]

One-Word Reframes (“Emotive Conjugation”)

This article is based on a handout plus activity instructions from The Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises – out now (and you can download 15 free NLP training activities)! You can use one-word reframing conversationally, or turn it into an activity for training NLP, objection handling, influencing, coaching or therapy skills. Look at these well-known quotations […]

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