The Law of Attraction, Belief Systems And Waking Trances

Just in case you’ve never encountered the ‘Law of Attraction’ before, it’s a “New Thought” or (as the mainstream would think of it) new agey viewpoint popularised by the book and movie ‘The Secret’ which says that “people’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of […]

Identifying Unhelpful Frames In Your Life And Work

A ‘frame’ in NLP, and indeed in psychology, is the context we put around something in order to decide what it means. It’s as if we are drawing a boundary around it which includes part of our experience and excludes the rest. Whatever is inside the boundary, we use as the context to make sense […]

The New Behaviour Generator: Practical NLP Podcast 52

In the last few episodes we’ve been talking about strategies. I’d like to round off this section by mentioning a powerful NLP technique for doing things better or installing new strategies – the New Behaviour Generator. As far as I know, this method was developed by Richard Bandler. It’s like positive mental rehearsal on steroids! […]

Practical NLP Podcast Episode 3: Perception is (sometimes) projection

This week’s podcast features, among other things, mental filters, the ‘Halo Effect’, cold calling and flow states. Just a reminder – you don’t need any prior experience of NLP to get something useful from this. Subscribe via iTunes here. If you prefer to subscribe using something other than iTunes, the feed is Let me know […]

NLP Presuppositions (4): People have all the resources they need to succeed

If you are managing someone, or teaching them, or coaching them, this presupposition matters, because your expectations of who they are and what they are capable of will actually influence their performance. Studies have been proving this for decades. In the 1960s, Harvard psychology professor Robert Rosenthal set up an experiment where elementary school teachers […]

NLP Presuppositions (2): Mind and Body are one system

Your body, of course, is on one level a physical object. It has a position in space, it has certain dimensions, it has a certain weight under Earth’s gravitational conditions, and so on. Your mind, on the other hand, is not in a particular physical location, has no dimensions or weight, and seems non-physical in […]

Self-empowerment: are you at Cause or at Effect?

As human beings, we tend to see the world in terms of cause and effect equations. If something we do consistently gets a certain result, we say that our action causes that result. If one event is consistently followed by another, we start believing that the first event causes the second. This is a useful […]

Opening possibility in self-talk 4: disarming the ‘inner critic’

For some people, internal dialogue often takes the form of an ‘inner critic’, ‘chatterbox’ or ‘gremlin’ which scolds or undermines them (if you never get this, then you can just smile and be grateful – it’s still worth reading the article though because it will give you a way to help other people who do […]

Opening possibility in self-talk 3: suspending judgement

Another way that our self-talk can lock us into stuck and unresourceful states and patterns of behaviour is by how we put events, other people, and ourselves, into categories which have an implied judgement. (NB this article follows on from the previous articles Opening possibility in self-talk 1: what doesn’t work and Opening possibility in […]

How to do things better – the New Behaviour Generator

Applications: this is a great NLP technique for being able to do something better, or finding new ways to handle challenging situations. It’s like positive mental rehearsal on steroids! NB. If you are already an NLP practitioner and you covered this on your practitioner training, compare this version of the process with the one you […]

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