Dealing With Difficult People Using The ‘Satir Categories’: Practical NLP Podcast 64

Have you noticed how people tend to act up a bit when they are under pressure? The eminent therapist Virginia Satir found identified 5 typical patterns of behaviour that people tend to fall into when they are stressed. If you’re aware of them, and even more importantly aware of your own patterns, you can start deciding […]

Practical NLP Podcast 4: Learning Frames

This week’s podcast is worth a listen if you are starting out on learning any new skill, NLP or not. It features, among other things, state-dependent memory, ‘uptime’ and ‘downtime’, the four stages of learning, ‘deliberate practice’, the mindset that will really help you succeed (it’s not quite what the ‘success gurus’ usually tell you), […]

An Introduction to Timelines in NLP + how to use them for learning and review

The concept of ‘time’ is fundamental to how we understand the world. I’m not talking so much about clock time, as basic ideas like ‘before’ and ‘after’, ‘past’, ‘future’, and ‘now’. Because time is not something we can see, hear or touch, we have to resort to metaphor in order to talk or think meaningfully […]

The “Discovery Frame”: how to learn better and be happier

Created from images by Leonardini and theswedish at sxc.huIn NLP, the Discovery Frame is an attitude in which you suspend your expectations, judgements and attachment to a particular outcome in approaching a task. You just do it, to the best of your ability, and notice what happens and what you learn from it. The benefits […]

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