Levels of Change In Organisations

How does the Levels of Change (also known as “Logical Levels” or even “Neuro-Logical Levels) model relate to organisations and businesses? (Note: this article follows on from Levels Of Change: The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model and The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model: Questions For Each Level) For me, the relevance of the levels of change model to business […]

Get My New Book – Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership

Announcing my new book, Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership! Because business is mostly about dealing with people – listening to their needs, selling to them, motivating them, influencing them, and getting them to work together – NLP skills and tools can help you work, sell and lead more effectively. This book brings together some […]

Levels Of Change: The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model

How do you define yourself? Do you think of yourself mainly in terms of what you do? Or the skills you have? Or by what’s important to you and what you believe? Or by who you are as a person? Or do you define yourself in terms of your purpose, or being part of something […]

The best business NLP book for aspiring leaders

NLP At Work: The Essence of Excellence (3rd Edition) by Sue Knight 388pp (Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2009) This is a well-structured and  clear overview of NLP as applied to the business world. Sue Knight is a UK-based trainer with a long track record of business consultancy. The book is obviously written from the welcome recognition […]

How to change limiting beliefs 1: look at consequences

In the last entry we looked at how what you believe can limit your effectiveness as a leader (or, equally, as a parent, a coach, a teacher, sports player…), and some ways of identifying limiting beliefs. So now let’s find some ways to change limiting beliefs. Some of these methods involve stepping back from the […]

Upscale Your Influence

There are many tips and tricks for influencing others – a good source is Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Rather than try to learn all of them at once you may prefer to use a simpler way to discover what works uniquely for you, because there’s a lot to remember and […]

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