Using NLP principles 2: Mind and body are one system

The second in this series about how to make the principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP work for you, even if you’re not trained in NLP. Let’s look at the idea that Mind and Body are not the separate yet inexplicably interacting elements of Cartesian Dualism or the ‘Mind-Body’ problem, but one system, with flows of information […]

Mind and body are one system – a quick exercise

(Warning: you won’t get much value from this posting unless you do the exercise) Our minds and emotions are ’embodied’ – or to put it another way, mind and body are one system. If we didn’t have human-shaped bodies, our language and the concepts we use to think with would be very different. What it […]

NLP Presuppositions (2): Mind and Body are one system

Your body, of course, is on one level a physical object. It has a position in space, it has certain dimensions, it has a certain weight under Earth’s gravitational conditions, and so on. Your mind, on the other hand, is not in a particular physical location, has no dimensions or weight, and seems non-physical in […]

Some quick thoughts about weight loss

Many hypnotherapy schools, like the one I did my original (hopelessly crap though very expensive) training with, advertise their shorter introductory courses as giving you the tools to deal with “simple problems like weight loss and smoking”. Which is misleading, as weight loss and smoking can be some of the most layered, complex and intractable […]

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