The importance of state in changing minds – and four ways to work with it

I keep coming back to Seth Godin’s article ‘I changed my mind yesterday‘, about how hard it is to change people’s minds when they have already decided and are determined not to change. I briefly blogged about it back in 2005 (Seth Godin on changing minds), but it deserves a bit more consideration – and […]

Perceptual Positions – Looking at Things from Different Viewpoints

If you look at something from a number of different viewpoints, you can gain extra information which gives you a basis for making wise choices. You can look at any interaction with another person from three different viewpoints: Your own viewpoint (sometimes known as ‘first position’). This is a good position to be in for […]

Three Downsides Of The Question “Why?”

By the end of this short article you’ll be a lot warier of using “Why?” as a problem-solving question, especially where people are involved. But first let me clarify: “Why?” can be a great question – for looking for the causes of problems in simple systems. For complex systems, however (and anything involving people is […]

How To Access Your Heart And Gut Intelligence

People may have advised you to ‘follow your heart’ or ‘go with your gut feeling’ in those situations where thinking it through rationally, or listing the pros and cons of a decision, does not give you a satisfactory answer. It turns out that the wisdom of the heart (and of the gut) is more than […]

Making better decisions with NLP (9) – Do you look at the upside, or the downside first?

Here’s an additional distinction I came across while listening to the ‘Seven Secrets of Wealth Attraction’ audio by Joseph Riggio. He was talking specifically about investment decisions, but I think it has a wider application. I may have missed some subtleties, but this is my understanding of what he was saying about making decisions: When […]

Making better decisions with NLP (8) – Notice how you make decisions

Compare your ‘strategies’ for reaching a good decision with how you arrived at a bad one. There will probably be significant differences. Much of your processing may be unconscious so you will get better results working with a skilled NLP practitioner. Check what kind of mental images you are using in your decision-making process. NLP […]

Making better decisions with NLP (7) – Turn off mental chatter

Meditate or use peripheral vision to still your mind before making important decisions. When you clear some space, what is really important to you has a chance to emerge. For guidance on how to use peripheral vision, visit

Making better decisions with NLP (6) – Learn from mistakes

If one of your decisions turns out bad, review how you went through deciding. Notice any obvious flaws. If things don’t turn out the way you want, ask yourself “What do I need to learn from this?”

Making better decisions with NLP (5) – “Reality Tunnels” and Groupthink

We filter incoming sensory information in line with our beliefs – evidence that supports an existing belief will be amplified, while information that contradicts it will be downplayed or ignored – leaving us in our own “reality tunnel” which may be quite different to someone else’s. Consequently we may miss useful information if it doesn’t […]

Making better decisions with NLP (4) – Check your feelings

All decisions are ultimately emotional (see Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and Descartes’ Error by Antonio Damasio). Your unconscious mind, which notices more than you are consciously aware of, communicates with you via feelings (see The Gift Of Fear by Gavin de Becker).  If you don’t feel 100% positive about an important decision, this may […]

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