Book Review: The NLP Activist by Richard Bolstad

Very occasionally an NLP book is published that it’s possible to get really excited about – this is one of them (the last one that caught my imagination in this way was Andrew Austin’s The Rainbow Machine, published a whole 10 years ago). I can imagine three audiences who will benefit from reading this book: […]

Dealing With Difficult People Using The ‘Satir Categories’: Practical NLP Podcast 64

Have you noticed how people tend to act up a bit when they are under pressure? The eminent therapist Virginia Satir found identified 5 typical patterns of behaviour that people tend to fall into when they are stressed. If you’re aware of them, and even more importantly aware of your own patterns, you can start deciding […]

How to negotiate better with NLP – the ‘123-XL’ model

Some people, like my lovely wife Jules, seem to be naturally good at negotiation. Others, like me, have had to learn through bitter experience and review of what’s happened, plus, of course, learning from the best of what’s already been written about negotiation like the classic Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In by […]

Three Downsides Of The Question “Why?”

By the end of this short article you’ll be a lot warier of using “Why?” as a problem-solving question, especially where people are involved. But first let me clarify: “Why?” can be a great question – for looking for the causes of problems in simple systems. For complex systems, however (and anything involving people is […]