NLP For Kids And Starting An NLP-Based Business With Gemma Bailey: Practical NLP Podcast 81

This week’s guest is the inspirational Gemma Bailey! Gemma is an NLP trainer and director of NLP4Kids – a company which specialises in bringing NLP to children, their families and schools to help them with mild to moderate mental health and emotional challenges. With a background in childcare Gemma has translated NLP into child friendly […]

Understanding And Using The Milton Model 5: Deletions

As well as Distortions and Generalisations, there’s another type of Milton Model pattern that we can class as ‘Deletions’. Why deletions? Because some information has been left out or at least left deliberately vague. In order to make sense of something that’s left vague or has some information omitted altogether, the listener has to fill […]

Levels of Change In Organisations

How does the Levels of Change (also known as “Logical Levels” or even “Neuro-Logical Levels) model relate to organisations and businesses? (Note: this article follows on from Levels Of Change: The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model and The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model: Questions For Each Level) For me, the relevance of the levels of change model to business […]

Get My New Book – Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership

Announcing my new book, Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership! Because business is mostly about dealing with people – listening to their needs, selling to them, motivating them, influencing them, and getting them to work together – NLP skills and tools can help you work, sell and lead more effectively. This book brings together some […]

Nervous in meetings? My top tip: Know your outcome

If you know what you want to get from a meeting, it makes it much more likely that you will be happy with the end result. There’s also another effect of being outcome-focused in meetings which may surprise you – for some people at least it gets rid of nervousness. I had a coaching client […]

The best business NLP book for aspiring leaders

NLP At Work: The Essence of Excellence (3rd Edition) by Sue Knight 388pp (Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2009) This is a well-structured and  clear overview of NLP as applied to the business world. Sue Knight is a UK-based trainer with a long track record of business consultancy. The book is obviously written from the welcome recognition […]

How to negotiate better with NLP – the ‘123-XL’ model

Some people, like my lovely wife Jules, seem to be naturally good at negotiation. Others, like me, have had to learn through bitter experience and review of what’s happened, plus, of course, learning from the best of what’s already been written about negotiation like the classic Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In by […]

Tips For Running Emotionally Intelligent Meetings – from NLP and elsewhere

Do you ever find yourself in meetings that drag on, don’t achieve as much as they should, in which people seem to be bored and disengaged? When I was an employee, I took part in a lot of unproductive meetings. Sad to say, I probably chaired a few as well. Later I discovered NLP, emotional […]

The Apprentice – how not to use Ericksonian ambiguity in business

As yesterday’s Apprentice post seemed to generate a lot of response, here’s another interesting snippet from this week’s episode.  I’m currently scripting the home study part of an NLP Business Practitioner course and am covering the Milton Model at the moment. This week’s Apprentice UK had a prime example of how not to use Ericksonian […]

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