Opening possibility in self-talk 2: time-shifting

So, following on from the previous article about difficulties in changing self-talk, if critical internal dialogue is unhelpful (and it doesn’t matter if it’s critical of ourselves, other people, or the world in general – it still makes us feel worse), what can we do to make our self-talk more useful, or just go away […]

Opening possibility in self-talk 1: what won’t work

One of the ways that we keep ourselves stuck in negative emotions or problem behaviours is our internal dialogue. Many people keep up a constant running commentary in their heads on what’s happening, which acts like an inner ‘spin doctor’, telling us how to interpret events and actions by ourselves and other people. If that […]

“Perception is Projection” – really?

Many NLP trainers, especially but not exclusively the ones at the ‘large event, offer a free intro, and sell like crazy to your captive audience’ end of the market, use the phrase “Perception is Projection”. Some have even elevated this equation to a place in one of the ‘presuppositions of NLP’ (think ‘guiding principles’ if […]

How to change limiting beliefs 2: What’s the real issue here?

Very often we are not aware of our limiting beliefs. After all, if we knew about them, and we were aware that they were limiting, we would probably have done something about them by now. If we can identify the beliefs that limit us, we are doing ourselves a real service. In the terms used […]

How to change limiting beliefs 1: look at consequences

In the last entry we looked at how what you believe can limit your effectiveness as a leader (or, equally, as a parent, a coach, a teacher, sports player…), and some ways of identifying limiting beliefs. So now let’s find some ways to change limiting beliefs. Some of these methods involve stepping back from the […]

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