Presuppositions about Communication: Practical NLP Podcast 10

Practical NLP Podcast - the map is not the territory

This week’s episode of the UK’s most listened to NLP podcast introduces three NLP ‘presuppositions’ or principles about successful communication (yes, I know it says ‘six presuppositions’ at the start of the podcast but we’ll cover the other 3 next week):

  • Respect for the other person’s ‘map of the world’
  • The ‘meaning’ of communication is the response you get
  • You cannot not communicate

As usual, we cover a lot of ground – so this week’s episode features how not to motivate your employees, Gerald Ratner’s fall from grace, my ‘tabloid press’ voice, and the facts behind the widely-quoted myth that 93% of communication is non-verbal.

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Introducing NLP

Note: this episode is no longer available on iTunes. You can still order it as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 1 – Getting Started.

Image: the Bonne Projection by ‘Strebe’ from Wikipedia


  1. Various NLP trainers I’ve worked with have also mentioned the 93% non verbal theory. I’ve always intrinsically doubted this – it just sounded implausible the first time I heard it. Thanks for pointing out where this came from, and why it is nonsense in most cases!