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When you’re ready to take the next step in your NLP journey and get trained, you can take an NLP Practitioner training in the UK with me. Contact me in the first instance at to let me know that you’re interested – when we get enough people, we’ll run the course!

Here’s what Bev Holden of the Clear Thinking Partnership, who took the NLP Practitioner course with me about 10 years ago, has to say about what she got from it:

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Why take NLP Practitioner certification with me?

I’m an experienced and respected NLP trainer, having qualified in 1997 (with Advanced Neuro Dynamics in California) and having run my first NLP Practitioner training back in 2000. As the organiser of three NLP practice groups, I’ve seen dozens of NLP trainers with differing styles and insights which have further deepened and broadened my understanding of the material.

About the course

pracscrapbook1The course is 10 days long in total, backed up with an audio home study pack. The courses are divided into two or three modules, with about a month in between each. Experience has shown that this format enhances your learning by giving you time to try out what you’ve learned from each module in the real world.

When enough people in a particular city or area have expressed an interest in taking a course, we will arrange the exact dates to suit you.

This course is grounded in scientific discoveries about the brain and the emotions, which are increasingly validating the insights that NLP’s founders came up with decades ago. You won’t be required to adopt a particular belief system to succeed in this course, nor will you find enforced high-fiving or sleazy manipulation tricks.

At a deeper level, the course provides an empowering environment for you to make personal breakthroughs in how you relate to yourself and the world. It’s very important to us to set up an empowering, inclusive group dynamic so you feel good as you learn. In contrast to many practitioner courses, this will be a small group training with a maximum of 16 students, to ensure you get all the individual attention you need.

What does the course cover?

We cover the recommended syllabus for practitioner training set by ANLP International. This means that you will learn the classic patterns and techniques of NLP, including:

  • The presuppositions of NLP
  • How to establish rapport with anyone quickly and easily
  • Pacing and leading: how to influence with integrity
  • Sensory acuity
  • Modelling excellence: the heart of NLP
  • Establish a link between your conscious and unconscious minds
  • Representational systems: making your communication more powerful
  • Know how to ask exactly the right questions – the Meta-Model
  • Master the language of influence – the Milton Model
  • How to create empowering states in yourself and others
  • Well-formed outcomes: how to set goals and make them happen
  • How to create and use powerful metaphors
  • Anchoring techniques: how to access and build resources
  • How to “run your own brain” and control how you feel
  • Perceptual positions: prerequisites for wisdom
  • The neuro-logical levels model for understanding change in people or organisations
  • Submodalities: discovering and changing how your brain codes your experiences
  • Reframing: how to redefine ‘problems’ as opportunities and resources
  • Strategies: eliciting existing strategies and installing new ones
  • Applications: using NLP in business, negotiation, education and training, sales, changework, marketing, relationships…
  • And more…


  • Introduction to Ericksonian language patterns and self-hypnosis
  • Working with timelines
  • Developing a link with your deepest inner self
  • Coaching with NLP

How you can learn so much so quickly?

Our training is designed to help you master this material at both the conscious and unconscious levels, so you can actually use it as well as knowing it intellectually. Also, it’s important to us that you enjoy yourself as you learn. You will receive a comprehensive practitioner manual to support your learning.

Who should take this course?

Previous students on our practitioner course have included NHS professionals, HR managers, coaches, therapists, teachers, business owners, IT professionals, and trainers. Generally, we are looking for friendly and emotionally stable people who are looking to increase their self-awareness, personal effectiveness, and people skills.

Some students are looking for a new direction in their lives; some are in business and need the edge that state-of-the-art communication and influencing skills provide; some work in the healing professions and feel drawn to the magical therapeutic skills that NLP can give you. Though you will need good written and spoken English, there are no formal qualifications needed for entry – just you, your unlimited potential, and your enthusiasm to learn.

In a short while you could be an NLP Practitioner, facing an exciting future with new confidence in yourself and your abilities to fulfil your true potential. What couldn’t you achieve?

What can our Practitioner Certification do for you?

What couldn’t you achieve in your chosen field if you had heightened awareness, the ability to access your own inner resources whenever you need them, a better understanding of how people and organisations work, if you knew how to model the excellence of inspiring people you meet…

The next NLP Practitioner course in the UK will run when enough people have registered their interest – we need a minimum of 8 to put a course on in your area. We are nearly at this point for the next course! Email me at to let me know of your interest.

If you live outside the UK, there is a possibility of running a course in your country if you can get a group of interested people together.


What previous NLP Practitioner graduates say:

   “I felt like I’d won the lottery at the end of the course (and still do now). It’s been totally transformational for me and I heartily recommend it.”
– Tom Sedge, software developer

Thank you once again for the last 18 days of Practitioner training. It has been a great experience and I have learnt so much more about myself than I expected to.
   The content has not only proved extremely useful from both a corporate coaching and leadership perspective but is generating great results with the numerous teenagers I work with through the Girl Guides.
– Cheryl Speak, Development Manager, Frontline Ltd

   “This course was the best decision I have made in my adult life. I have been on a journey of self discovery and the journey reached new heights while I was on the NLP course. Never before have I learned so much useful and life-altering information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”
– Denise Mortimer, NHS Management Professional

   “You are a very knowledgeable trainer and put your subject over really well – it was a pleasure to hear what you had to say about the subject as well as learning about it. I have put a lot of the stuff into practice and have been delighted to see the results from both other people and me.
   What has it done for me? Well, lots really, but the main benefit has been total focus – in a lovely relaxed way – i.e. not going round the bend to sort stuff out or getting anxious about how I am going to do it. I have a much clearer picture now of what I am going to be involved with.”
– Joan Callaghan, sales trainer and speaker

   “I got some extraordinary insights into the workings of the human mind and body and also into relationships between people. I developed a respect for NLP and its techniques. I can find many areas in my life, both personal and at work, where I will use these techniques and be able to teach them to others.
   The course has given me the confidence to go ahead and extend my consultancy to include personal and executive coaching. I can’t imagine effective coaching without NLP techniques. The NLP emphasis on process as opposed to content came as quite a revelation – a way of looking at things that I had been searching for.
   Intellectually it was one of the most stimulating courses I have taken and emotionally one of the most rewarding.
   Thanks to your excellent teaching (and rather good reading list) I am now curious to find out more. I enjoyed every minute of the course – not once checking my watch or wondering why I was giving up the weekend.
   I found it stimulating and intriguing. I would recommend this course to friends as an exceptional NLP study – robust, fun and taught with integrity. It is a worthwhile course for anyone interested in relationships between people, the relationship they have with themselves, and who value growth and learning. One can learn to be in charge of ones own state, to set goals that are achievable and devise practical and emotional strategies for the journey.
   The ideas I have learnt through NLP would have been very useful at so many stages in my life – on a personal level, through illness, in education and business. Having a coach like you Andy would have been invaluable. So thank you Andy and look forward to the next one!”
– Lorraine Maddams, Independent Business Consultant

   “Before coming on the course I was aware of some of the NLP techniques available to me in my work with clients. I had read books and listened to tapes and even used some of the techniques successfully with clients. What I wasn’t as aware of is what a difference it would make attending a course where I could really understand the underpinning principles and methodology of NLP.
   As a result, I am far more comfortable, confident and competent using my new learning in a coaching context. My new skills and insights will be invaluable in my work with clients and I have to say that, in relation to coaching skills, if I had known three years ago what I know now, I would have chosen NLP practitioner training above the 2 year coach training I received. On a personal level, I now have numerous effective, simple and elegant ways of being the best I can be.
   The course itself is packed full of learning opportunities. Andy is extremely knowledgeable, generous and good fun. The group of twelve suited me down to the ground in that it was large enough to provide variety and small enough to become extremely close, supportive and wonderfully safe which enabled us to play, experiment and take risks. We know we are going to continue to help each other’s development.”
– Julie Kay, Julie Kay Leadership Development

   “The small-group format really suited me – I learned far more than on the previous NLP practitioner course I attended”
– Elaine Francis, Director of on-site massage company

   “Andy’s NLP course for me was one of the most rewarding and powerful learning experiences I have ever had. His training was excellent. His delivery of the course was powerful, fine tuned and enveloped in large doses of humour and wit. He made the course entertaining and yet meaningful. He took on board each participants level of learning, style and speed and adapted his training to it.
   Andy created a safe and trusting environment for participants to practice what they have learnt within the group. I liked the fact that the group was small. The advantage for me was that it allowed me to participate fully, unlike with larger groups where one is easily lost in the crowd.
   I would recommend Andy’s NLP course to anyone wishing to embark on a journey of TRUE self-discovery, self-management and professional development. It has been one of the best courses I have attended. I found it fun, challenging, hard work but most of all very rewarding.
   The course has helped me to deal with my own issues without the emotional charge that was previously present. The feeling of helplessness has gone now that I have the tools and techniques to manage my own thoughts, feelings and experiences effectively. I am more present to the abundance of choice available to me now in how I want to deal with my live my life. Now when I get stuck I know what things I can do to help myself out of it as I am so much more resourceful with options. I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and in my abilities. My belief that people have the resources they need and can achieve anything they want in life is even more firmly grounded after having done the course.
   As a coach, I find the tools and techniques to be invaluable. A lot of the techniques gained from the course have already been applied in my work and in building up my coaching business. I have already started to notice the changes in my style of coaching & the changes in the language I use towards clients. The use of certain “unhealthy” words I previously used is now redundant from my vocabulary. NLP has given me the solid grounding of knowledge and techniques that were previously missing from my coaching skills set, so I feel that I can offer more to my clients and coach with confidence. It has also helped to instill healthy beliefs and eliminate old beliefs effortlessly. I use the learnings from the course to help create a plan, for the future that my clients want.”
– Gita Pankhania, Life Coach

   “The course exceeded my expectations in many respects. I would list the most important as follows:

  1. Experiencing NLP techniques firsthand is far more powerful and enlightening than just reading about them.
  2. Delight that our practitioner group bonded so well, and yet complemented each other with our various skills and backgrounds.
  3. Invaluable feedback, support and advice about my own skills, abilities and potential – enough to enable me to choose a new career path as a counsellor/therapist.”

– Stewart Edwards, Forensic Scientist

   “What I got from the course:

   So much, it’s hard to know where to begin. I feel that I have grown as a person. I am more in touch with my emotions, which I realise I have been ingoring, rather than dealing with what has been causing them. I have moved beyond sooooo many limiting beliefs, but also understand why I chose to take them at the time. I now have better ways of dealing with things,and that gives me more choices. I don’t dwell on things like I used to, to the point where “things eat you up/wear you down”, but instead find something positive to consider and improve my self knowledge by learning from it. My approach to others has changed accordingly.

   My relationships (family, friends, colleagues)have changed for the better, as I am not so quick to judge, and am more patient towards people who do not “see it my way”. I can pace and lead, and callibrate others well. My self confidence has improved hugely, and I am considering things I would never have allowed to be an option previously. My world has become a more interesting and exciting place to live in. I am more accepting of myself, and have gained new friends. I realise that I have pushed away many opportunities in the past because of negative self perceptions. No more!

   All the techniques I have learned are useful in so many ways, and I find my unconscious mind knows just when to use them, which makes me smile inside when I realise. I have also assisted others with belief changes at work and seen the changes in them as a result, which is very satisfying. My feeling of personal power coming out of the course covers so much more detail than above. The concept of the circle of excellence and the protective bubble have served me so well, and will continue to do so. I thought anchoring was rubbish at first, but have used anchors so many times to wonderful effect.

   I could go on and on and on (in fact I did last night when talking to another practioner on the ‘phone. So many things kept jumping to mind, we decided that after one and a half hours of talking our “NLP language” to talk further at another time!) and on about what I got from the course because there are so many things, I cannot think of them all at once. It has been a wonderful exploration. The portal to a new (map of the) world. A new beginning.

   What would I say to a friend about the course? What I have told everyone I know: Do it, find a way. It’s brilliant, and I have thoroughly loved doing it, had a wonderful experience, and met a group of lovely people as well.”
– Margaret Hopley, Accountant

   “What would I say to a friend about this course? I didn’t have to say much to my friends about this course as it was apparent that it had worked miracles. It was actually very difficult to explain what I was doing but so many people have commented on how much better I am that a verbal explanation didn’t matter. One thing I would have said: totally changed my life.”
– Heather Timm, EFL teacher, property developer and studio manager

“If I never used NLP again the course would still have been worth every penny for the personal benefits alone. I don’t think there is a single area of my life (home, work, health, spiritual & family) that has not benefited from NLP. My relationship with my boss is better than I could ever have dared hope. My health is better than it has ever been in my entire life…. NLP has given me choices where I thought I had none. As the song goes I have been everywhere but I have never been to me. NLP helped me find ‘me’ and I liked what I have found.”
– Sally Lane, Manager

“What did I get from the course? A real sense of lightness of spirit and body! Choices! Especially the ability to choose to:

  • practice for success
  • use and further explore and develop my own resourcefulness
  • to recognise and value my negative emotions as an indicator that there is something important for me to learn
  • to recognise a negative state as a choice on my part and to then actively choose to change it to a more useful one, through tried and tested processes
  • to actively use all of the above to experience more happiness, contentment and involvement in my life. A new sense of myself that enables me to use my abilities enthusiastically and honestly – i.e. I am more able to just get on with things instead of getting stuck in self examination about whether it’s the “right thing” to do. I now love to trust my unconscious, connect with my gut feel… and see where it takes me. Some brilliant images and experiences of powerful loving and healing energy and the ability to connect with this when interacting with others.

And finally…. the opportunity to learn with and from others over the 20 days in a very special way. My fellow course mates now feel like extended family!”
– Sue Beever, Management Consultant and author of Happy Kids Happy You

   “Andy is a very supportive trainer and gained rapport really quickly. He was congruent about what he taught and willling to respond to the group. I had the sense that everthing was safe… I am already using what I have learned. I now have a reputation at work for having ‘POWERS’.”
– Patrick Evans, Senior lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

   “Exceeded my expectations in every way”
– Karen Brown, General Manager

   “Andy delivers this practitioner course in an accessible and enjoyable way. The course combines Andy’s excellent background knowledge with the relevant techniques. The interaction and practical elements of the course give you the all important personal understanding and confidence to use the tools that NLP provides. Andy is knowledgeable and well read in his subject, making the learning a pleasurable journey. Put a lot into it and you’ll be amply rewarded.”
– Sue MacGregor, Relationship Coach and Counsellor

   “Congratulations again on running a splendid course. We all learned so much, both from you and from one another. The feeling of warmth and rapport in the group was strong and genuine.”
– Resli Costabell, Coach and Trainer

 “If you have an interest in people and/or management do this course to increase your skills – it’ll open your eyes and ears to what you’ve been missing all these years. Probably a better course (more important) than the coaching course than the coaching course I went on.”
– William Barron, Business and Life Coach

“Andy is a first-rate trainer with a very clear and varied presentation style; a great deal of practical work/exercises is included and supported by an excellent manual. “The course far exceeded my hopes for it, and like all of my fellow participants, I benefited greatly from it, both in terms of lots of relevant learning for use in coaching, and also in terms of my own personal development.”
– Bob Kessler, Personal and Professional Coach

Email now to register your interest in the course and get your questions answered.


  1. Jessica Anderson says

    Hi Andy,

    I’m a big fan and long time listener to your podcasts. I’m a sales trainer and coach in Melbourne Australia.

    My boss has approved a budget for me to complete an NLP practitioner course. Do you ever run any training in Australia? If so, what are the dates and costs?

    Kind Regards,



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