Why You Need ‘Towards’ Motivation In Goal Setting: Practical NLP Podcast 72

In this week’s episode we look at the different effects ‘towards’ and ‘away-from’ motivation when you’re setting goals. Each has its place, but they do different jobs – and if you don’t get the mix right, you’ll never reach your goal! Including: Why some millionaires go bankrupt and bounce back several times Why it’s so hard to […]

Prioritising Values And Resolving Conflicts: Practical NLP Podcast 71

So, you’ve elicited a list of values (in episode 70). Some values are more important to you than others, so you need to find out which are the most important – your ‘values hierarchy’. You also need to check for clashes between values and resolve them to avoid dilemmas and ‘stuckness’. That’s what this week’s episode is about. […]

How To Elicit Values: Practical NLP Podcast 70

In this week’s episode we learn how to elicit values the NLP way, and why values are important for motivation. This is useful for coaching and for personal development, and essential for successful goal-setting. Includes: A simple process for eliciting values (your own or a client’s) How to know when you’ve got a genuine value rather […]

NLP For Leadership: Episode 69

In this week’s short but sweet episode, some ideas from NLP to help you be a better leader. Includes: the importance of congruence – or integrity, in everyday language how your example affects other people, with research to back it up the 2005 Fast/Tiedens study on how stories can affect behaviour how to have a […]

NLP For Sales And Influencing – The CRAFT Model: Episode 68

This week, some ideas for how to use NLP in sales and influencing generally – any situation where you want someone to change their mind. This episode also introduces the CRAFT model for influence or sales. The CRAFT Model For Using NLP In Selling And Influencing (Note: whether we are aiming to influence someone or […]

How To Negotiate Better: Practical NLP Podcast 67

Follow the steps in the 123-XL Model to be a better negotiator. With some tips on how you can use your NLP skills to get better results in negotiation. Includes: 3 ways to look at the negotiation 6 common tactical errors in negotiation – and what to do instead Useful negotiation tactics from NLP How […]

Run Better Meetings With NLP: Practical NLP Podcast 66

This week, tips from NLP (and a few other areas like Emotional Intelligence) to run more effective meetings! Includes: ‘Managers vs Makers’ – why managers love meetings and makers hate them What to do when people go off on a tangent Two kinds of unproductive participants and how to deal with them How to handle disagreements […]

Emotional States And Persuasion: Practical NLP Podcast 65

This week on the Practical NLP Podcast, the most important thing you need to know about changing people’s minds – something that many of those ‘Influence with NLP’ and ‘Get anyone to do anything you want’ courses out there don’t tell you. It’s this: the state that your audience are in is going to have […]

Dealing With Difficult People Using The ‘Satir Categories’: Practical NLP Podcast 64

Have you noticed how people tend to act up a bit when they are under pressure? The eminent therapist Virginia Satir found identified 5 typical patterns of behaviour that people tend to fall into when they are stressed. If you’re aware of them, and even more importantly aware of your own patterns, you can start deciding […]

Effective Feedback: Practical NLP Podcast 63

Everyone loves getting feedback! No? Don’t worry, here are some ideas from NLP for giving effective feedback (and what not to do) – plus how to learn from criticism, whether it’s malicious or just from someone who isn’t skilled at giving feedback, while still staying in a resourceful emotional state. Duration: 6m 42s Listen and/or subscribe […]